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Bare And Pure

Facial Massager And Gua Sha Set

Facial Massager And Gua Sha Set

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Treat yourself to a spa-like experience with our Facial Massager And Gua Sha Set. With this set, you’ll get the ultimate relaxation and skin rejuvenation results!

Our Gua Sha helps relax your facial muscles while revitalizing your skin for a youthful, smooth and glowing appearance.

A staple item for any self-care routine. Our unique Bare And Pure facial roller and Gua Sha scraper are designed to leave your skin feeling relaxed, smooth and firm.These handy little pieces can be used on your face, back, legs and arms. 

Not only are they stylish and a must have accessory, they are 100% natural jade stone, anti rust, durable, promote skin metabolism and can be used in conjunction with a range of facial creams/ serums.


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