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Bare And Pure

B&P Eco Lunchbox

B&P Eco Lunchbox

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Made from natural bamboo fiber our Bare And Pure eco lunch boxes are a must have!

The B&P Eco Lunchbox makes it easy to enjoy delicious meals on the go. The insulated container keeps food fresh, while the bamboo lid offers a unique, eco-friendly touch. Bring your favorite meal wherever you go in style!

Make meal prep a breeze with this Lunchbox!
This unique container comes with a lid that doubles as a chopping board, saving time and mess. Enjoy fresh, delicious meals anytime, anywhere!

Included: 1
Leak-proof silicon ring Bamboo Lid, Bamboo fiber container, Securing strap. 
Approximate size: 19, 13, 6.5cm, 850ml

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